Ibe (an augmented reality text adventure made with React)

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This game is a little bit unusual: it has no graphics (it is a text adventure), but it is a game and it is made with React (javascript) so i guess i can post it here :)

Ibe is an augmented reality text adventure that takes place in a parallel universe. The game uses points of interest in the players everyday world as anchors to tell a fragmented and dystopian storyline.

It uses geolocation and the Google Places Api and then describes the place in an alternate reality, where you need to guide a girl called Ibe to safety.

It works best on your phone, because you will have to do a lot of walking.

I made it for AdventureJam 2018.

Play: https://ibe.supernapie.com/

Blog post: https://supernapie.com/games/ibe

Jam entry: http://jams.gamejolt.io/advjam2018/games/Ibe/338381

Game Jolt page: https://gamejolt.com/games/Ibe/338381




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