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Hey fellow Babylonians,

i ran into a problem regarding the performance of big dynamic textures (had it on 8000x8000, but already reduced that). I needed to tile the texture with this process.
Is there a more performant way of tiling a dynamic texture? 

The reason why i even use a dynamic texture is because i want a smooth blend between 2 textures. Maybe there is even a more performant way of accomplishing this without using a dynamic texture?



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not sure how exactly i can use external image sources in the playground but here is the playground that should run once the images are loaded correctly:

The out-commented parts are the parts if the size of the dynamic-textures canvas is changed.

(the performance is not bad on a normal desktop computer, but our application should also run mobile)

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I tried to load images from imgur, but its still not loading. Even tried to load images from the babylon site and they don't load. 

Maybe just a short answer regarding the question: What is the best approach to fade from one texture to another?

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