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I'm new in babylonjs and i develop a game viewer with server (with But for few days, i have a problem. I use dynamic textures for my textures because i want to modify textures without recreating them.

I can't use playground because my code depend of a server and nothing will appear in playground without the server. I will take screen and i have a little idea of the source of problem.

When i use texture.clear(), i have the texture that i want but with a black background (i want a transparent background).

When i don't use texture.clear, the background is transparent but the image is not perfect.


Thank's for your attention


Ps: Sorry for language mistakes, i'm french.


with clear.PNG

without clear.PNG


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16 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

If this is not what you want please provide a repro in the playground, I'll make it work for you



I write the code on playground but i can't upload the img src so i give you them separately.

img.src didn't work with external image hoster because it's unsecure. I give you the playground and the image.

Playground URL :

img URL :



Thank's for your time.




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