Firefox loads the house too slow

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If I look at that, the timings are almost similar to that on the network profiler. I have attached the images of the profiler tab. You will see that the time needed to load the HTTP requests are the same.

The difference I see is the time it takes to build those meshes on the babylon scene. I know that webGL is a bit slower in firefox. But there is a huge difference here. That is what I am trying to understand and make faster if possible. 

Screenshot from 2018-07-12 20-25-19.png

Screenshot from 2018-07-12 20-25-01.png

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This is how I have done it. 

this.engine = new Babel.Engine(this.domcanvas, true, {disableWebGL2Support: true});

I also printed the WebGL version and we are using 1.0

_gl: WebGLRenderingContext { canvas: canvas#renderView.cursorDefault
, drawingBufferWidth: 1361, drawingBufferHeight: 328 }

_glRenderer: "Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (Skylake GT2) "

_glVendor: "Intel Open Source Technology Center"

_glVersion: "WebGL 1.0"

But no difference in load times.

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