[WIP] Behind Enemy Lines - Top Down Shooter

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I'm Mattia from Italy. I'm developing a top-down shooter (I love this kind of videogame!). I'm developing it using the Babylon.js framework. I'm also trying to develop all the models that are needed for the game so I can learn how to create 3D models with Blender (I've never created 3D models before nor animated them!). The game, as the name say, will be based on a "hero" (the player) trying to do sabotage mission behind enemy lines. The game wiill be "realistic" (as a top down shooter can be realistic) so every single shot will be reasoned. I've a lot of ideas for this game but I'm still at the beginning trying to learn every single step needed to accomplish it.

I will try to maintain on this topic updated information regarding its ongoing development. At the moment, hosted on my website, there is a simple scene only with the player that can run forward, backward, left and right. Now I'm finishing all the animations of the main character (crawling, crouching, throwing etc.) and then I will create some weapons to play with. I'm 'learning by doing' on every side in this long journey and a lot of effort is needed but I love learn!

Ideas and feedback are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



Scene: http://www.mattiamazzon.it/games/bel/


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