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[Phaser 3] RELEASE - Space Drift

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A space rally type game where you try to get to the finish alive.

Made with Phaser 3 using matterjs for physics.

It's just on Newgrounds right now but I plan on adding it to the Google Play Store soon! 







- 10 campaign levels

- Unlockable endless mode

- Retro soundtrack




When your engine flame makes contact with walls and other ships, you gain speed and power.


Power is used for shield energy, when it is full you can boost.  


Boosting makes you invulnerable to most collisions, improves your handling, and lets you destroy most other ships on contact.


Boosting also drains your energy - boost wisely as you will be the most vulnerable after a boost




Turn Right

- Right arrow (keyboard)

- Hold right side of screen (mobile)


Turn Left

- Left arrow (keyboard)

- Hold left side of screen (mobile)


Boost (only when power is full)

- Up arrow (keyboard)

- Tap left and right sides of the screen at once (mobile)


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