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melonJS 6.2.0

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as always,  happy to announce that the latest 6.2.0 version is now available,  and come packed with some nice improvements :

  • text object have been redesigned into a more generic object and can now be added to an object scene as any other renderable
  • we greatly optimised object re-cycling within the engine, so that melonJS keeps better control of its own internal object instances and does not add any unnecassry "stress" on the Garbage Collector. Benefits and improvement is especially noticeable on low-end devices (additionally the debug panel also now display the amount of reusable object instances currently in the object pool)
  • improved support for Tiled with text object support and orthogonal rendering order
  • Camera implementation has been redesigned partially, this is still a work in progress, but it's halfway there in order to allow adding several camera with a different viewport.
  • the preloader now supports Font face preloading 
  • Bunch of other small improvements and fixes here and there 

See here as well for a more detailed changelog, there are also a few API changes but in a backward compatible way, so you can safely upgrade without breaking your game :)


Have fun and tell us what you think. ! 


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