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Playtomic recently went open source - leaderboards, user created levels and more

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Powerful leaderboards, user levels and dynamic content updates. 

Open source. Self hosted. Battle tested. Massively scalable. Cross platform. Free.


The creator of playomic recently announced that he open source(MIT license) a big part of the system that includes storing and displaying leaderboards, user generated levels and game variables.


It currently supports Actionscript 3, Unity3D and Html5 / javascript.


More info on and



It feels like it could be a greate help for a lot of people that don't really ha ve the time or knowledge to code your own backend system for this kind of stuff.

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Thanks for linking to this.  I just pushed a huge addition - achievements:

  • see what achievements myself and my friends have
  • include and filter by meta data like difficulty so you can automatically differentiate between easy, hard, etc playing modes
  • include and filter by device or website
  • view the achievements awarded as a stream including limiting to myself and/or my friends including limiting to the most recent for each player
  • award once, overwrite, or allowduplicates

I also spent some time simplifying the server setup and automated the database configuration so it's now really easy to get started.

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This is great. I really liked playtomic as a service but it just got slack towards the end, but i think allowing devs to use and edit this how they wish and host it themselves is great! Will be looking into this all and using it soon i think.

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