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Hady Hayman

[Public Domain/Open Source][Phaser] Flappy Box v1.1

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I'd like to share with you my Public Domain game, Flappy Box.

I'm sharing this game only for others to learn from it. So don't judge it because it's a flappy bird clone.

Change log:

v0.1 Old game added with new Phaser and some code tweaks.

v0.2 More coding to fix bugs.

v0.3 No bugs so far.

v0.4 Controls added, Tap to jump!

v0.5 Added sound plus fixed double-jumps only on mobiles.

v0.6 Fixed sound plus added pipes.

v0.7 Pipes are normally generated (no bugs) Better view on mobiles.

v0.8 Better gameplay, Score text works.

v0.9 Commented version and minified version available, Game can be paused by pressing P key on keyboard and resumed by pressing R (Doesn't work on mobiles).

v1.0 On-Screen pause/resume. On-Screen Mute/Un-Mute.

v1.1 Better and more realistic scoring.

-Coming soon:

v1.2 Menu state with a Play button, Losing state with a retry and menu buttons.

v1.3 Fullscreen mobile scaling.

The current version is 1.1

Therefore it might not be the last version.

This isn't a book or a long tutorial but I tried to comment every line of code. :)

Through studying the code of this game you'll learn most of Phaser's basics including:

- Creating a Phaser game.

- Pre-loading assets.

- Creating and playing states.

- Loading and playing sounds.

- Adding keyboard keys.

- Basic use of Arcade physics (Velocity, Gravity, etc.)

- Using groups and timers.

- Pausing/Resuming game (Not fancy at the moment.)

- And many more.

A screenshot :


Note: Screenshot was taken when game was paused ;)

Special thanks to Thomas Palef (For his tutorial and assets), @Dumtard and @lewster32 for their awesome help in the forums!

Whole code is CC0, While Thomas Palef gave me permission to use his assets. View his tutorial here.

Play link: Here (STABLE v1.1)

Download: See attachment (STABLE v1.1)

Hope someone will learn Phaser from this.

Please post your suggestions, improvements or thoughts in comments.


Hady Hayman (IamHadzy)

Edited by Hady Hayman

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