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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I need some idea to implement feature in my game. 1. When player gain score, I want the gained score to be added gradually, so the animation will look smoother. I have the idea to use Phaser Tween class for this. However, the tween process results in the score being a floating number when in process. Is there any way to use implement this so it only tween integer value? I know I can manually use timer for this, but it seems costly, and might create many trash object afterwards. 2. Does Phaser have a Shape-object which can act like sprite? For example a rectangle, circle, or triangle which can be rotated, scaled, moved, tweened as easily as sprite does. I need those shape to achieve a circular status bar. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm creating endless style game and I'm planning to reuse already existing sprites instead of creating new ones. My sprites are coming from the top moving towards the bottom of the screen, when they reach bottom I reset their position.y to 0 which brings them back to the top again, but I also wanted them to have random position.x every time they start again from the top, I called this function: obstacles.forEach(function(obstacle){if(obstacle.position.y > this.game.world.height){obstacle.position.y = 0; obstacle.position.x = this.game.rnd.between(0, this.game.world.width);}}) And after trying it out I got this error from the developers console: Is it even posibble to call this.game.rnd.between from the update? If not what is the solution for that? Thanks!
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