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Found 1 result

  1. Nature Basketball. It’s a simple basketball game in a relaxing nature setting. It’s available on Google Play – my main monetization channel. I’ve also published it on a couple of online games portals where it can be played directly in the browser: Kongregate, Newgrounds and The browser versions of the game have hand-made ads that point to either the Nature Basketball Facebook Page (for pc users) or to Google Play App (for mobile users). Short Post Mortem. I’m unhappy with a few things about Nature Basketball. Firstly it’s quite large with 17 mb worth of files – it takes a bit to download for users with slow internet connections. Secondly the game performance it’s not very high – the main reason behind that being the multitude of graphical elements that make up the scene. The submission process to Kongregate, Itch and Newgrounds was easy and straightforward – I spent no more then 10 minutes. Submitting on Google Play took a bit longer and I’ve discovered some minor bugs after I’ve already published it so I had to quickly push some updates. Other then that everything seems to be working fine – the ads are displaying properly, there are no crashes. We’ll have to wait though for a bit to get some feedback from players. Marketing. Right now my marketing channels are the Nature Basketball Facebook Page, the custom ads displayed on the browser versions of the game which point to the Google Play App and to the Facebook Page, my twitter account, r/webgames, r/gamedev and I’ll have to think and research more channels so I can increase the game’s visibility. Expectations are quite low at this point. I’ll just have to wait and see how it will evolve during the following months. Close Future Plans. The next couple of games are going to be shorter (dev time), with an abstract theme and using some popular existing mechanics. This will hopefully solve the two main issues that I have with Nature Basketball – slow performance and high loading times. I’ve already started working on a simple abstract endless runner kind of game. The mechanics are very simple (and already done) – right now I’m working on the graphical aspect – it’s going to be very minimalist and sci/fi themed. I intend to keep the dev times shorter on this one – hopefully by the end of the next week it will be ready to launch. The best thing about self-publishing and not relying on other game portals to buy my game is that I can experiment wildly with both mechanics and graphics – which I intend to do fully in the somewhat further future. I also intend to have a rapid cycle of gamedev and release – 2 weeks for a game is the current maximum allocated time for a game. That’s all folks. Original Article.