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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everyone, I am Ahmed Khalifa, known as Amidos. I am a PhD Student and Indie Game Designer/Developer. Recently I was developing couple of roguelike games and everytime I start to develop a new game, I have to create an algorithm to generate the map from scratch. I got an idea inspired by Nicky Case (Emoji System Post) and Kate Compton (tracery). The idea is to have a library that is super flexible and powerful enough to be used to generate maps for games (not only background tiles but also player, goal objects, enemies, and ...etc). From here I got the idea of ProcEngine. ProcEngine is a step toward having a unified opensource library for different map generation techniques. Features: 2 different room spawning techniques (equal split/tree division) Spawn objects and have room structures using advanced cellular automata rules (inspired by Nicky Case) Define any number of names (and max count) as cellular automata objects Define any type of neighbourhood as a 2D binary matrix Define any probability to spawn new object on the generated map Connect/Delete unconnected parts in generated rooms and maps Use more than one cellular automata rules either to have new generating layers or smoothing the generated level Debug attribute to print what's happening after each step in the system. Link to the project: The project is still in Beta version, feedback is appreciated and help with making better website and tools will be amazing