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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I've been developing a game using Babylon for our client for a few months now. It has essentially developed into a 360 video player with interactive components, but I probably shouldn't reveal much more than that. For a few weeks now, I've been looking into IE 11's memory leak issue. For those who don't know, IE 11's garbage collector is broken, and reloading the page will not remove quite everything from memory. The memory will continue to pile up each page reload, until eventually the browser crashes. See and . Microsoft doesn't support IE 11 anymore, but the browser is used by the majority of our client's users. I have researched it and gained a better understanding of it, but have had no luck in mitigating it. Other JS libraries have bug reports on the issue, and individuals have come up with solutions that work for that library: Polymer: AngularJS: Webcomponents (comments point back to the Polymer solution): I added only the library-agnostic code from the Polymer thread to my code, which removed document and window event listeners that may have been stuck in memory. It doesn't seem to have impacted the leak on my site, but it can't hurt so I left it in. I'm having trouble figuring out what hacks to apply in my project to help, or what methods I should change or avoid. All I could think of was to add `scene.dispose()` on unload. I know this isn't a Babylon issue per se, but has anyone come across this and attempted to solve it? What did you try? Here is my current cleanup script: // var wrapper = function( name, fn, opts) { // add events to cache/queue addEventToQueue(this, name, fn, opts); this.__oldAddEvent( name, fn, opts); }; function addEventToQueue( obj, name, fn, opts ) { console.log('EVENT ADDED TO CLEANUP LIST: ' + (obj.nodeName ? obj.nodeName : 'window') + '/' + name); obj.__eventListeners = obj.__eventListeners || {}; obj.__eventListeners[name] = obj.__eventListeners[name] || []; obj.__eventListeners[name].push({fn: fn, opts: opts}); } function initListener() { document.__oldAddEvent = document.addEventListener; document.addEventListener = wrapper; window.__oldAddEvent = window.addEventListener; window.addEventListener = wrapper; }; function cleanupApp() { cleanupListeners(); cleanupScene(); } function cleanupListeners() { cleanupListener(document); cleanupListener(window); } function cleanupListener (obj) { for (var k in (obj.__eventListeners || {}) ) { var fns = obj.__eventListeners[k]; for ( var i = 0; i < fns.length; i++ ) { obj.removeEventListener(k, fns[i].fn, fns[i].opts); } } } function cleanupScene() { if(scene) scene.dispose(); } initListener(); window.onunload = cleanupApp; Thank you!
  2. Hi, just found, that Internet Explorer 11 can not play multiple sounds at time when using audiosprite with markers. When I ask it to play new sound, it stops the one it is currently playing. I have set allowMultiple = true; and it works in both FF and Chrome, but not in IE. How do you solve it? Can you use audiosprites and play multiple sounds in IE? Is it possible? Or do I have to cut it into separate sound files and then load one by one?