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Found 6 results

  1. We're using `AudioSprite`s for our character's dialog in a Phaser Game. We're loading both `.mp3` and `.ogg` files to support the various browsers. After loading the files on our state's `preload()` we decode them before playing. We've got an issue on Safari where after about 20 minutes of gameplay, the audio begins to slow down and cut-off. The cut-off makes sense as the audio sprite is only set to play for a certain amount of time, but I've no idea why the audio would slow down. The issue on Chrome is similar, except the audio becomes filled with static. The audio sprites a
  2. Hi, just found, that Internet Explorer 11 can not play multiple sounds at time when using audiosprite with markers. When I ask it to play new sound, it stops the one it is currently playing. I have set allowMultiple = true; and it works in both FF and Chrome, but not in IE. How do you solve it? Can you use audiosprites and play multiple sounds in IE? Is it possible? Or do I have to cut it into separate sound files and then load one by one?
  3. I'm loading and playing an AudioSprite with JSON which works fine. But when I try to listen for the end of the sound I get a type Error. game.load.audiosprite('sfx', ["snd/animalSounds.mp3", "snd/animalSounds.ogg"], "snd/animalSounds.json",true); fx = game.add.audioSprite('sfx'); fx.allowMultiple = true; fx.play("intro"); fx.onStop.add(soundStopped ,this); onloadphaser.js:70687TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'fx.onStop.add') Can this be done using .onStop?
  4. Hey all, i've noticed a weird behaviour from the soundManager. The loop of an audio sprite's marker gets broken after switching states. So to further help explain my problem, this is how i am doing things: // start preload state this.load.audio("audioSprite", ["assets/audio/audioSprite.mp3", "assets/audio/audioSprite.ogg"]); then when onLoadComplete gets called: this.game.audioSprite = this.game.add.audio("audioSprite");this.game.audioSprite.allowMultiple = true; this.game.audioSprite.addMarker("themeSong", 0, 19.2, 1, true); //(key, startingPoint, duration, volume, loop)and 7 more m
  5. Hello everyone, sorry if this topic was discussed already, I couldn't find anything about it on the forum. I am relatively new to javascript and phaser, a hand would be great: I am trying to create a "music game" and I am looking for the best solution to play markers continuously from an audio file. here is part of my code: function onCreate() { console.log("onCreate") music = game.add.audio('music'); music.allowMultiple = false; music.addMarker('lvl1_1',0,1); music.addMarker('lvl1_2',1,1); music.addMarker('lvl1_3',2,1); music.addMarker('lvl1_4',3,1);
  6. Hello, I am developing an Asset Manager editor for Eclipse and I need a better understanding of how the audio sprites work. My doubt is about the JSON format of the audio sprite. In the Phaser doc it says: "Audio Sprites are a combination of audio files and a JSON configuration. The JSON follows the format of that created by https://github.com/tonistiigi/audiosprite" This is the example (of the audio sprite JSON) there is in that github repo overview: { "resources": [ "mygameaudio.caf", "mygameaudio.ac3", "mygameaudio.mp3", "mygameaudio.m4a", "mygameaudio.ogg" ], "s
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