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Found 3 results

  1. Dear, All experts I want to create a character creation system like Saint Row game. The Saint Row system allow me to adjust size of each part of the body, such as chest size, arm muscle, legs and arms length. I did some research and the internet said about "Morph" technique. but I still don't understand about what this technique is about, how to do it? how to apply to be used in Babylon? Some said I have to use Blender or 3ds. The information that I got seem to be overwhelming ,but it is like a jigsaw that I don't know where should i begin first. ***Sorry,if i post in the wrong forum or category Thank you in advance
  2. Hi I'm starting to love programming in Babylon.js but I do not know how to do it. I am modeling a scene created 3D Max, exported Babylon.js (save this page). I leave several files but do not know how to take each scene objects and encourage them to coordinate parameters to then play one or the other animation as I want. I know it can be done by planning everything from the beginning but I want to take some objects made in 3D Max, put the mechanism progragramació and render it in the browser.
  3. Ironbane is a cooperative action MMO played straight from your browser, using 3D graphics and a retro graphics style. The game focuses on simple gameplay without leveling and combat using swords, axes, daggers, bows and magic staves. Our intention is to create a vast alive and immersive world. The main objective of the game is to defeat Ironbane, an evil dragon with rising power and a plan to conquer the world, who is living in his cursed castle. Originally started in March 2012, Ironbane has been in development for over 3 years and is aiming to become an awesome WebGL MMO that you would actually play. We're currently at 0.4 pre-alpha, aiming to release alpha in May. Try it out and see for yourself. Link to Game Design Document Screenshots Gameplay Videos Team Nick (Nikke) - developer, founder Ben (Warspawn) - developer Sam (Ayillon) - level editor Kevin (DatapawWolf) - gameplay designer, marketing Jan (Meanapple) - pixel artist Eric (Eric) - moderator Wattie (Thaiberius) - moderator Technology Ironbane runs 100% using Javascript. Behind the scenes we're using Meteor, AngularJS and ThreeJS in just one codebase. We're looking for Level Designers and 3D Modelers We're pretty serious about Ironbane, and we're looking for motivated people who'd like to help turn this game into a success. If you have experience building levels/3D models and are looking for a cool project, drop me a line at or post here. It's important that you have an idea of what makes a level interesting. We wrote a small guide on level design, check it out. We work primarily using, an online 3D modeling package which we use to build our levels in. Example scene Let me know what you think. Any questions you have, I'll gladly answer.