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Found 1 result

  1. I posted this as a WIP a while back. I dove into phaser with out a lot of planning or knowledge of the API for my first game. I rewrote most of the code to be more object oriented. This cut my source code in half and I know have a mostly bug free demo. I a m still not happy with the splash screen. I had a lot of difficulty making the water color painting look more lively. I am open to suggestions. My goal is to have a more consistent feeling to the art direction. Instructions on how to play: Click Here for the game The keys 1,2 and three cycle between the cannons. After a cannon is selected it has to be put into attack mode by clicking the A key. Then proceed to click on an enemy unit. The goal is to not let any units pass. This will improve your micro ability. The end goal is to have defence of 3 areas simultaneously. I have attached some screen shots from development to show taht nothing goes according to plan ! Enjoy