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Hello! I'm constantly looking for fresh blood for my open source game project Ancient Beast.

I've posted a bit about the project in the showcase thread http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/127-ancientbeastcom/


I'm looking for some help with javascript, like small patches to fix bugs and such.



Also, looking for art contributions of any style and type of various existing creatures from the bestiary or gallery page, as I recently added a fanart page where to include such contributions.




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I perused the files on GitHub - wondering what made you choose DOM over Canvas for Ancient Beast?


The prototype was done by the lead 3d artist, who is not very familiar with Canvas. We'll probably use lots of canvases on the DOM version when we'll be adding animation or just port to canvas at some point, but no matter what, some elements like the UI or overview will still be using DOM.

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