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setTexture() of Sprite not called

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I am updating the texture of a sprite when it is rotated to reflect different shading like so:

	    d.updateDaggerShade = function(dagger, color, pos) {			var prefix;			(color === 'white') ? prefix = 'w' : prefix = 'b';			dagger.setTexture(PIXI.TextureCache[prefix + dagger.number.toString() + (pos + 1).toString()]);			console.log(dagger.texture.baseTexture.source.src);			return;	    };

Where d is the sprite object.  All the textures have been cached also.


This works fine on desktop, iPhone but not Android.  We are using Cordova to wrap the web code to deploy as an app.


Would using a sprite sheet be a more robust alternative?  I do not need to animate the textures, just change them when the rotation has finished.

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Is there anyway to clear a texture prior to applying a new one?


Have added a spritesheet to no avail like so:

      var loader = new PIXI.AssetLoader(['images/daggers/sprDagger.json']);     loader.onComplete = function(elm){     console.dir(PIXI.TextureCache);     };     loader.load();

And then call the frame:

dagger.setTexture(PIXI.Texture.fromFrame(prefix + dagger.number.toString() + '0.png'));

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On our Android 4.1.* devices the seTexture method is called but the texture does not change/update.


I can see this visibly and when I log out the value of the sprite's texture source, it remains the texture that it was initially set to.

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Ok.  SO i accidentally figured this out.


Initially we were setting the texture of our Sprites with the fromImage() method.


I then re-factored the initial setting to use the fromFrame() method and now it is working.


Apologies for not being clear form the start.



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