Any small game engines using pixi?

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I tried phaser and looked at panda.  I finally started a project in phaser and watched as it slowed to a crawl and finally was unplayable.  I just want a framework that includes pixi that has sound, collision, loading of all resources, etc.  I really can't find anything and it looks like I'll have to find libraries and combine them myself.  I'm just not very good at that kind of thing.  Please don't tell me about profiling etc because the game is pretty simple and I made sure it wasn't doing too many collision tests on one loop.  It started slowing down almost immediately and there are all kinds of comments of people with the same problem.  I also backed up to older versions and saw speed improvements.  It's just too heavy.

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 sound, collision, loading of all resources, etc. 

Pixi's loader will load all of your resources for you. 

For sound and collision you can try these micro-libraries that are compatible with Pixi:





Here are some more for tweeting, interactivity and particle effects:




Particle effects:


You might also want to try this sprite utilities library that makes creating and working with Pixi sprites much easier: 


Sprite Utilities:


The smallest full-featured game engine on the planet is "Ga" - but it's a canvas-based renderer so I'm not sure if it will render fast enough for what you need.

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