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@Deltakosh I've found a slight annoyance when using renderingGroupId to set the skybox to draw behind everything else... 
If we set the renderingGroupId = 0 to the sky to force it to the back, then EVERY single other object needs to be set to renderingGroupId > 0 in order to appear in front of the sky. 

Could we perhaps have renderingGroupId default to 1 if not specified for new objects, to allow us space both behind and in front of the default? Or better yet have the groups renamed to -1,0,1,2 so that it's clear we're setting it to behind the default layer?

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Are there any news on that topic? I'm facing the same issue using a ground plane and outlines for scene elements that disappear at the bottom by placing them directly on the plane. There is a workaround by manually setting the renderingGroupId for each newly added item. However having the default referring to "1" will allow to explicitly setting elements as background elements, e.g. the ground plane in my case. Also an enum with s.th. like "RENDERGROUP_BACKGROUND", "RENDERGROUP_DEFAULT", ("RENDERGROUP_FOREGROUND" and "RENDERGROUP_TOPMOST") might help for better readability of the code.

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