How will the Facebook/Unity agreement affect the HTML5 game market?

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Will HTML5 games suffer if Facebook standardizes on Unity for games?

"Facebook may try to compete with Steam, or at least win back revenue lost when casual gaming shifted to mobile. Today Facebook formally announced it’s working with game engine Unity to build a dedicated, downloadable desktop gaming platform, plus it’s broadening the Facebook.com experience for gamers.

Both will allow publishers to offer their iOS and Android games on desktop in addition to the casual games Facebook is known for, while the desktop PC app could support more hardcore games."



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Okay, well I guess nobody is concerned.  I thought Facebook was a big, if not the biggest, portal for HTML5 games (since Flash died).  If Facebook uses a cross-platform Unity plugin for casual games, I thought that might negatively impact the size of the HTML5 game market.  I recently decided to start learning gamedev with Phaser , instead of Unity, so I was curious.

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