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Welcome to the new forum - Please read!!

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Dear community,

A few changes were recently made to the forum. We have a new and improved layout to work with, and some new sections for organization.

The forum is now divided to four sub-sections:

Demos and Projects is used to showcase your work. If it is either a nice playground or a whole website you have created with Babylon.js, we want to see it! Please share a link, a screenshot, or anything project related.

Questions & Answers is used to ask questions about the framework's features, and about subjects you don't quite understand. Don't know how to use CSG? Don't understand what a physics body impostor is? this is the place for you. It is built in a "stack overflow" style - questions have their answers, which can be upvoted or downvoted. Please don't forget:

  • Show us what you did so far. We are all very happy to help (always), but we won't do your homework for you. Start a playground, share a link! A functional demo (with a question at the end) will give everyone the chance to understand what you mean. 
  • If you share an external link, have the bablylon.max.js version available on the server. Otherwise it is impossible to debug.
  • If this is not possible - share some code. Unless it is a philosophical question about the life, Babylon.js and everything, code is the right way to go.
  • Try searching the forum before submitting a question. Chances are, this question was already asked by a different user and was already answers. Pro tip - the forum's search (thou revamped) misses topics from time to time. Try searching using google/bing/duckduckgo/altavista, adding "babylon.js" before your question.
  • If you have your question answered, mark it as answered. This will surely help other people in the future!

Bugs is used to report bugs in the framework. If you tried doing something and it doesn't work correctly, it is a bug. Please don't forget:

  • Unlike questions and answers - a demo is a must! I can't think of a way you found a bug without actually writing code.
  • Same as in Q&A - If you share an external link, have the bablylon.max.js version available on the server to help us debug the error..
  • This is an open source project. We never say no to contributions. Found a bug? Have some time? Look at the source and see where we might be wrong.
  • Try the current stable and the preview version before submitting - maybe it was already fixed!

Announcements will be used by the framework's moderators to notify about news regarding Babylon.js. New versions, a new CDN server, a Babylon.js conference, those kind of things.

Apart from that, there is still the main page which will be used for general discussions. The main page also hosts old topics from the old forum's layout. This is the place to ask about the members' programming experience, talk about tutorials, share a nice link you found about the framework. Whatever doesn't fit into the other sub categories. This is also the place to ask about integration with other frameworks or other technologies.

Some general Guidelines:

  • Be nice! Don't expect anyone to help you just because you have a problem. Don't forget - this is an open source framework. We are all working on it on our spare time.
  • Please try being clear! We are all international users, English is not always out mother tongue. We do understand that!
  • Liked a post? Press the like button! It will only make the other side feel proud. It is also a way for you to bookmark answers you liked.
  • If you have any personal questions, contact one of the forum moderators. Anything else belong in the forum for everyone to learn from!
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes or to post questions you feel are silly. They are sometimes the most important ones! 

That's about it! Happy writing :)

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