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Hi everyone, this is my new game with BABYLONJS, just a simple level prototype to help me testing game performance, is it smooth enough for professional game making and how "cross platform" is it.


You are on a maze. I will show you its map, but just once. You have to figure and remember way out to lead yourself to escape. Be careful when you click "Ready". 

Control guide: 

on PC using arrow key or WASD and mouse (classic FPS style).

on Mobile, left side : moving control , right side: look control.

Someone try this game on your mobile phone, would you mind tell me if any performance issue, thank you very much.

Furture Plan:

- This maze made by 3dsmax, which waste too much time to model everything. I will change level creation way by dynamic placing block base on 2d map. Sticking this way I can produce many game levels in short time.  

- The naked monster AI, using navigation system, I will change to simple grid-base path finding since using dynamic placing block.  

- Finish UI job with menu and game views.

- Planing adapt this game to Google Play or App Store using Intel Crosswalk. If someone have experience with this, highly appreciate if let me a advise. 

Sorry for my bad English.


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On 2/14/2017 at 2:16 AM, joshcamas said:

This is a pretty awesome little guy! I love the atmosphere, the menu is a great touch!

Adding traps would be rad :D

hi, thank you for kind words. Since few issues came up with new BJS update, I have to delay everything for fixing process. But adding would be great idea.

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