Feature request or how to : load level without loading all tileset.

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I am a beginner to melonJs, but I love it so much, it works so well with tiled map editor.

Here is the question:

We can use object in tiled to mark entity for melonJs, But I would like do a little bit  further:use image as object for better visual. like this:


Of cause it works, thanks melonJs, that image even been replace by the entity.

But if I don't load all the tileset image in the tmx file, for example the player image I use in tiled.

"me.levelDirector.loadLevel" will fail.

So, it's there a way to skip loading some tileset in tmx file?


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4 hours ago, agmcleod said:


Glad you're liking MelonJS so far. Unfortunately the API does not support a skip processing tileset setting. But it's not a bad idea! Logged an issue against it, so it's something we could add in the future. https://github.com/melonjs/melonJS/issues/877

Thank you for your support ! I will also find a  workaround and post here.

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