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Hi there.


As a little side project I've had the idea to make a phaser based stickman animation game. A first, rough, version is now online on

For now it only allows the usage of default stickman graphics with relatively little customization, there is a lot on my list to add. You can share animations via links for now. Pretty high up on my list is a "render to gif" function for sharing as gifs, but it has not made it into this basic version.

I've had various other projects die of feature creep before ever being released before, so I actively cut out any feature that would have prevented an early "release". 

I am wondering how well this works in the wild and how easy it is to get into the animation UI. I think it is easy to understand, but that might just be my developer tunnel vision, after spending hours thinking about how exactly to describe mathematically the tweens necessary to do this...

So I'd specifically like input on the ease of use of the animation UI and on ideas for the main page. Right now it just lists the last few uploaded animations. It seems a bit ... bland? I dunno. Maybe it should put people direct into front of the animation UI instead.

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