Does Phaser run in Smart TV browsers?

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I'm new in HTML game development. Want to create a website that will contain a 2D scoreboard in order to be viewed in Smart TV Web Browsers.

I've just create a simple prototype with Phaser 2.4.2 but it didn't work out although used Phaser.CANVAS option in Phaser.Game constructor.

Web browser supports Canvas but does not support WebGL. Opera web browser on Linux.

Is it possible to make Phaser run? Or are there any other proper html game engines i can use to build my website?


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1 hour ago, end3r said:

Phaser is definitely able to run games on Smart TVs, see this one for example: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2016/01/building-games-for-firefox-os-tv/

Although without the source code I have no idea why yours is not working properly.

Thank you very much Andrzej. Test page address is http://www.ozturksoft.com/p1/wheel/ . You can view the source code.

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I've tested it and it works fine on my Smart TV without any errors, so I can't say where you're having issues. It's probably because of your TV rather than the game itself, but no idea why.

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