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I have a button in my game which has two child elements(a text aligned top center in and another text aligned bottom center). The issue is the child texts are also taking click of the button which should not happen. Here is the code for this:

Fiddle :

var game = new Phaser.Game(480,320,Phaser.AUTO,'');
var gameStates = {};

gameStates.Main = function(game){};

gameStates.Main.prototype = {
	preload: function() {
           this.load.crossOrigin = "Anonymous";

	   var btnText = this.add.text(0,0,"Game Loaded",{fill:"#ffffff"});
           var infoText = this.add.text(0,0,"This is a description of the game. It is only an informative text and it should not take click of its parent button. Try clicking this text",{fill:"#ffffff", wordWrap:true,wordWrapWidth:450});
	   var shopBtn = this.add.button(0,0,'shop', function(){
	   btnText.text = "Shop Clicked";}, this);
           shopBtn.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0);    
           btnText.alignTo(shopBtn, Phaser.TOP_CENTER);
           infoText.alignTo(shopBtn, Phaser.BOTTOM_CENTER,0,20);
           shopBtn.x =;
           shopBtn.y =*0.2;


Please help me so that only the button takes click and text should not take the click



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The text objects accept input because they are added as the button's children:

In your case, the hierarchy also seems a bit incorrect logically. The texts and the button should have a common parent (perhaps, call it a TextButton :)).

//TextButton pseudocode

TextButton : Sprite {
 titleText: Phaser.Text   //TOP_CENTER
 descText: Phaser.Text    //CENTER
 button: Phaser.Button    //BOTTOM_CENTER





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Ok, thanks for your suggestion. I made the text child to the button intentionally to keep the alignment uniform on different resolutions. Can you also suggest me how should I keep resolution independence with this hierarchy ?

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