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Hy there, i've been battling with these for hours and i thought i should share, the GUI clears the texture in my scene each time i linked it to more than one model not sure if this is a bug but here's my code:

var createUI = function(obj){
  // GUI
  this.obj = null||obj
    var advancedTexture = BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI("UI");
   var rect1 = new BABYLON.GUI.Rectangle();
    rect1.width = 0.2;
    rect1.height = "20px";
    rect1.cornerRadius = 20;
    rect1.color = "blue";
    rect1.thickness = 4;
    rect1.background = "silver";

    var label = new BABYLON.GUI.Rectangle();
     label.width = 0.8;
    label.height = "10px";
    label.cornerRadius = 20;
    label.thickness = 2;
    label.background = "green";

    rect1.linkOffsetY = -50;
    rect1.alpha = 1
    return rect1;



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I changed the scale of my rendering canvas but the pointer coordinate somehow gets messed up. how can i set the pointer coordinate for buttons,  here's my code:

var coord = new BABYLON.Vector2(scene.pointerX/4, scene.pointerY/4).normalize()
    button1._onPointerDown = function(button1, coord){


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