Move tilesprite when camera changes position

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Hi guys, I'm new to the framework but I googled around abit and couldn't find an answer to this:  

I’m making a tile mapped game where the player needs to make their way through a tiled level by moving upwards.

To achieve this the camera follows the player around a rectangular world


My question is about creating 2 background TileSprites that scroll with the camera BUT not at the same speed as the camera to achieve the effect of having a background with TileSprite 1 in the distance and TileSprite 2 in the far distance 

Maybe something like an event handler that works like this:

    backgroundTileSprite1.scrollY -=  yDistance/2 
    backgroundTileSprite2.scrollY -=  yDistance/4 

Right now my setup is like this:

TileSprite 1 -> moves with the camera 

TileSprite 2 -> stays still in background using TileSprite.fixedToCamera


It looks okay right now, but I think this would convey a more convincing sense of distance.

Cheers and thank you!  

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