My object index is undefined?????

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levers = this.physics.add.staticGroup();

levers.create(200, 160, 'lever', frame = 0, true, 0);


console.log(lever.index) doesn't work in my overlap function. Apparently, index is undefined.


I want to link a lever to a bridge so I was going to set both bridge and lever to have index 0 in their respective groups.

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There's a few ways, but here's one:

var partA = levers.create(x, y, key);
var partB = levers.create(x, y, key);

partA.setData('index', 0);
partB.setData('index', 0);

function collide (a, b) {

  if (a.getData('index') === b.getData('index'))
    // do stuff



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