Default Pipeline [Depth of field, bloom, grain, chromatic aberration, MSAA]

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The default pipeline has been updated to add Depth of field, Grain, Chromatic aberration and MSAA post processing. The existing bloom effect has also been updated to only bloom the bright highlights instead of blurring the entire image.

See the updated demo and docs. Please let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!


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This pipeline is great ! Thank you for sharing !!!

I've noticed a strange behavior when using default pipeline with HDR set to "true" and a mirrorTexture :

Here's a playground with a mirror and HDR set to "false" :
=> reflection is fine
Same playground with HDR set to "true":
=>lighting in the reflection is different (darker)

Is this the normal behavior ?

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This is not expected, the output when HDR is set should not have the dark reflection. I created to track this issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

This playground should fix your issue after the next build is released.

Note the line:

mirrorMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.MirrorTexture("mirror", 1024, scene, true, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTURETYPE_HALF_FLOAT);

which is needed to set a higher precision texture type to match that of the HDR textures used in the post process to avoid banding/artifacts

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