physics bodies "sticking" to other physics bodies on collide

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A pretty glaring problem really, and easily reproducible. My physics bodies appear to stick to each other on collide. That's two moving bodies, both with some velocity, and 1 of which is immovable. You can see it yourself by playing my game, activating a shield and flying into an asteroid:


I've tried the following:

* changing the bounce values on both bodies (tried .5, ,1, etc)

* set stopVelocityOnCollide to false on both bodies

* switching between circular physics bodies and rectangular physics bodies

No luck. It seems, no matter what I do, the ship won't bounce off the asteroid like a normal physics collision would do. Instead, the ship sticks to it. It's extremely frustrating for players (and I am one of them). 

Using Phaser 2.6.2. 

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30 minutes ago, samme said:

Is there body.acceleration?

Nope. But I think I may have solved it - if you play the game and collide with asteroid while you have a shield on . Let me know if it seems like "normal collision behavior." 

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