Pixi-spine slots alpha manipulation

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I want to ask if there is any possibility to change alpha of a single spine slot if its alpha value is animated.
The problem is that the slot is autoupdated and it causes alpha value to be set every single update.

Currently i am using TweenMax and it works perfectly well if slot has static alpha value.
Unfortunatelly setting autoUpdate to false for whole spine isn't an option.

Thanks for help :)

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Hey, thanks for response :)

Well, it works when the slot has its alpha value constant during animation.
But some of the slots has their respective alpha values animated (in my particular example from 0.45-0.55 and so on) so i can modify that value using TweenMax but autoupdating overrides my value with next from animation. So i want to ask if there is opportunity to NOT update single slot.

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