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Good day folks! Im completely brand new to Babylon (3D site building in general) and have become an instant fan! Im having a few issues and would like to see if folks can help:

1. I want to have 4 boxes on my site and align 2 on the right and 2 on the left (Such as the "Fashion Show" demo on the main page), how to go about doing this?

2. I want to make my logo and place it between the boxes, any recommendations on how to make this happen?

3.  Also I want to place images on the boxes and link them to another site when a person clicks them, how do an ahref in this type enviorment?

4. I would like to change the canvas to black, how to do this?

Thank you for all your help💋


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Hello and welcome!

1. You can create two canvases and then two engines on top of them. Then just use CSS to align your canvases. If you want to full page to be in 3D, here is an example with 2 boxes:

2. In 3D or everything in the web page with HMTL? If in 3D, just create a plane, attach it to the camera (same way as I did in previous example) and set its material.emissiveTexture to your logo


4. set scene.clearColor = BABYLON.Color3.Black();

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Hello again Sir! Ive taken your advice and set the blocks and canvas color just how I want it.. Im still having trouble with logo and plane. Have the plane but it moves not staying between the do I make it solid and have it with the logo.  Ive attached the there code that details how the logo and plane suppose to connect 3D style?




Jounaai FINAL.jpg

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Also Im having a hard time adding this image to cover box meshes and linking them...Ive added the image to the texture files but they arent loading I add it somewhere else. Do you have an example code of a logo being placed on a mesh?


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