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Best engine for isometric RPG

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I apologise for asking a question that's probably been asked many times already, but all the info I could find is years old, so I'll ask again.

As of 2018, which engine/framework do you think is best for an old-school isometric RPG? Like an old Final Fantasy game with isometric perspective.

I have tried to evaluate several options, and so far I think the best is either Phaser or Melon.

I think melon looks slightly easier for the isometric aspect, but seems to be lacking some features and I was a bit disappointed to encounter a few graphical glitches in their isometric example game.

Phaser seems to be a more mature framework, but I haven't been very impressed with the toolchain and workflow for creating an isometric game. It seems that I have to use several external tools and write way more code than I would like just to get a basic prototype working. I have been tempted to use the phaser isometric plugin but then noticed that the last commit is from 3 years ago :( Also performance wasn't great, but that's probably due to me being a total noob and not an important consideration at this stage.

I have also tried construct 3 but I'm just too worried about its limitations.

I have quite a bit of experience with Unity and this is going to be my first JavaScript game.

Now coming here I didn't expect to find a JavaScript Unity for 2D games, but I am a little disheartened with what I've seen so far. I wanted something more Unity-like. In fact Construct isn't too far off, if only it let me write some code the way I like it instead of forcing me to jump through some ridiculous hoops with their "you can do anything without code" crap.

Anyway I'm sure I've missed something. I haven't fully evaluated the isogenic engine yet that looks like a good candidate.

But I'd like to hear some suggestions from you people who have some experience with html5 game development please. What do you think I should use?

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