Switching/Loading Scene Causes Mesh Jumping

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Language: TypeScript

Physics Engine: CannonJS


Hey all,

I would appreciate it if someone would help me solve these 2 mesh physics problems that I feel are related. I spent a lot of time trying to solve these related issues on my own and could not figure out what was going wrong.


RELEVANT NOTE: BOTH problems occur right after switching from 1 scene to another scene. They only happen right after a scene loads. I have a video that demonstrates the error below.

Problem 1:

After loading each mesh (each with its own physics impostor), each mesh jumps a little (and then afterwards, they start falling because of gravity). I was wondering why/how to prevent it from happening.

Note: I suspected that it is because they load too close to the ground and bounce because the computer erroneously thinks that the meshes/ground are touching. I am able to lessen the jump by making the ground’s position.y = -0.5 (so it is even clearer to the computer that the objects are not touching because all objects right now load at position.y = 0 (and I move objects before the next object loads so they don't intersect and start a collision)), but the jump still occurs, just less of a jump and still noticeable.


Problem 2:

After loading a certain scene, after being loaded, each instance of a special object I created (a class I created that includes a mesh) jumps in opposite directions from each other. I’m not sure why. I have a feeling it has to do with having multiple instances of the same class, each with their own mesh. After the scene loads, I am able to individually access each mesh and have them move individually, so their movement isn’t intertwined.


Code/Video in Link:

Relevant code and 1 video demonstrating error are in the Dropbox link.

Note: The video shows both errors happening at the same time.

Note: The code in this folder are not in the same directory/folder structure that I normally use for this program (so that is not the cause of my issues)


Thank you to all who read/and might help me with this issue!


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Hi Deltakosh!

Thanks for responding! I'm having trouble translating my project for the playground. How do I translate the following code into something that the playground can read? I use the following code to delete the current scene and load a new one.

this._scene = null; //Is this line needed to make .dispose() work so the garbage collection automatically clears the previous scene?

(Different if statements in the createScene creates different scenes.)

Thanks for the help!




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