Unpickable plane with pickable controls

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So I am working on cube view and I've encountered problem I can't solve. If you look at the screen I'm creating 4 arrows on GUI, these are created on Plane that is attached to camera watching the cube. The problem is if plane is pickable I can't press on cube. But If plane is unpickable these arrows (buttons) aren't pickable. So I'd like to make them pickable but trun off plane pickability. Is that possible?cubeView.thumb.png.0e6eb3b5016a5f32ec96e70a9ca1b1db.png

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I've just encountered another problem. If I have 2 cameras with set layers and I push them to scene only one camera will handle the picking. So If I push camera that watches the cube 1st then I can interact only with plane that is attached to camera or cube. If I push another camera 1st I can interact only with objects visible in this camera and buttons that I places on the plane attached to camera watching cube aren't dispatching any events.

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You have 2 viewports (camera.viewport and cameraTwo.viewport). 

On mouse over viewport2:



On mouse out viewport2:




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