Lightmap issue with Unity3D Scene exporter

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I tried to export my Unity project, following the "project setup" official guide here : http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/projects.

I have got lightmaps on my textures that seems to break when I run the project with babylon.js as you can see :



Furthermore, when I try to interact with my game, nothing happens, the game is just stuck on the initial view.

The only issue that I've got from Unity during the export is "Material doesn't have a texture property '_MainTex'" as you can see here :1821590140_Capture.thumb.JPG.a10ba2ecc95dcd3741580a29480effe9.JPG


Did I do something wrong? It seems to be a Shader issue. Are the Unity lightmaps supposed to be supported?


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Yes light maps are supported, check the unity documentation regarded the setup... also... you can actually see the light maps unity generates via the global maps panel on the light setting window...


your material is is breaking the dump, your scene is probably not exported correctly.

if you package up the scene in a unity package I’ll take a look at it...

remember the toolkit is designed to use to put together your games using a editor. It is not a magic unity  game port. There is no telling what unity stuff is setup on that scene. 

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