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We are glad to present a new release of Verge3D – the Blender version comes first this time. We included several significant improvements in this release, such as basic support for Cycles nodes, puzzles for dragging objects with the mouse or gestures and puzzles for limiting object movement, support for anisotropic filtering for textures, Unicode characters and new settings for constraints. We have also created a new application to demo all these features.


In this release:

• Support for Cycles renders, including physically-based lighting model and the Principled BSDF node!
• New Puzzles for positioning, rotating and zooming objects by using the mouse or touch screen. This tool has unlimited possibilities whether it's controlling the a complex equipment or the simple arrangement of the furniture in your apartment.
• Support for international and special characters for the names of objects, animations, files and projects.
• Textures now look much better due to anisotropic filtering feature.
• Ability to control constraints, procedural animations, sounds and many other features in the Puzzles editor.
• Various UI/UX improvements in App Manager.

Remember the NASA Curiosity application? Now you can create the same app without a line of code using only visual logic blocks, look at our new example.

Link to the Industrial Robot demo

Link to the Full Article



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