Varsha Kamble

Adding gizmo creating problem in GLTF serializer

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Hi @Deltakosh,


I am adding Gizmo control for adding manipulators. Its working fine on .babylon file.

When i am trying to open gltf model created by babylon serializer on babylon sandbox, its throwing some error. Please find attach screen-shot of error from sandbox.



Attaching .babylon and gltf bundles fro reference.


Babylon and serializer version used are as follows:


    "babylonjs": "3.3.0-alpha.7",
        "babylonjs-serializers": "3.3.0-alpha.7",


Please suggest for the same.





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Hi @Varsha Kamble, I tried the files you provided and got these results from the sandbox: vk_gltf_file.thumb.PNG.d9ba57d6023f65ac774f1602f107beb6.PNG

cube_gltf (I exported your scene to glTF and dragged it back to the sandbox):



Are these screenshots the expected result?


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