VR interactions in cubemaps

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Hi everyone !

I'm trying to move between two cubemaps with an HTC VIVE.

There's two interactions avaibles:

  • Click with the controller on a plane.
  • Use the gaze tracker on this same plane.

This two cases works perfectly, but:

  • Controller's ray is blocked by the cube (even with isBlocker = false).
  • gazeTrackerMesh is not visible on my plane.

Here is a PG:

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Hey, take a look at this playground: (Is this behavior what you expect?)

setting mesh.isPickable = false will make the rays not be blocked by the skybox's cube but you wont be able to see through the cube to see the rays hitting the plane, so I made the skybox much larger to avoid this

The gazeTracker was not visible because the plane rendering group id was different then the gazerMeshes render group id, so I think the plane was being rendered on top of the gazer mesh, removing the setting of group id makes the gazer visible again

Let me know if these solutions are not what you are looking for.


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