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If i want to check if a mesh has some metadata, I have to check first if it has metadata, then thing specific metadata... eg:

if (evt.pickInfo.pickedMesh.metadata) {
	if (evt.pickInfo.pickedMesh.metadata.pointType === 'source') {
		console.log('mesh as metadata: source');

Can this be condensed into just one if line?

Thank you,

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@babbleon You can implement like:

let hasOwnNestedProperty = function(obj, path) {
    for (var i = 0, path = path.split('.'), len = path.length; i < len; i++)
        obj = obj[path[i]];
        if (!obj) return false;
    return true;

if (
    hasOwnNestedProperty(evt.pickInfo.pickedMesh,'metadata.pointType') &&
    evt.pickInfo.pickedMesh.metadata.pointType === 'source'
) {
        console.log('mesh as metadata: source');


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