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Submarine Popper

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I just launched a game I built while playing around with the GreenSock JavaScript animation library.

Submarine Popper - Pop the submarines before they pop your ship!





As a web developer I constantly play around with different fun JavaScript libraries. Recently I started experimenting with GreenSock - an amazing JavaScript animation library.

I needed an idea for a project to build and finally decided to have a go at building a little game. But what kind of game? I walked down memory lane and remembered how much I loved playing SinkSub Pro back in '97 on grandma and grandpa's tiny PC (whenever I managed to fight my way to it, eliminating my cousins occupying it).

So I guess you can say this is a tribute to SinkSub Pro.

Apart from the technical challenges during the build, one of the more tricky things was to set the intervals of enemies and mines etc. Too hard, will the player give up straight away because of frustration? Too easy, will the player get bored really quickly? How much harder can I make it the next level? Any feedback regarding this would be much appreciated. Do you have any good articles on how to think about gameplay fundamentals like these? Please let me know. 

Hope you enjoy the game!







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