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Cannot assign sprite to class variable

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I'm using Typescript to code a canvas using pixi.

I've been declaring initial variable names such as

container1: PIXI.Container;
container2: PIXI.Container;

sprite1: PIXI.Sprite;
sprite2: PIXI.Sprite;

as so on.

Container seems to work fine as I declare new containers in a function

When I use PIXI.loader to declare the new sprite,

	pixiLoaderInit() {
			.add(["directory of image"])

	function setup() {
			this.sprite1 = PIXI.loader.resources["directory of image"].texture

I get the following errors on FireFox
ERROR TypeError: "this is null"

and Chrome
ERROR TypeError: Cannot set property 'sprite1' of null
    at setup

Any solutions to this?

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first, "this" is from other place. Please learn about javascript scopes and differences between "function" and arrow ()=> .

Second, You cant just add a directory that way pixi somehow gets list of files from it and loads everything, in web its just not possible.

Please follow explanations at

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