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A simple zero-dependency modular game engine for bootstrapping games.

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I am a long time programmer in JavaScript mostly But recently I switched to Unity Which has some great concepts.

I tried to implement a simple framework to mimic the:



   -> GameObjects

        -> Scripts / Components


structure in JavaScript


License: MIT

Base concept

  1. You create GameObjects + Scripts / Components.

  2. Each GameObject has a Transform property which is either a base Vector3 instance some kind of i.e. pixi.js or three.js object.

  3. Scripts have a many to one relationship with a GameObject.

  4. You append a script's Transform to a GameObject's Transform. Once you call one GameObjects onUpdate it propagates to all its children.

  5. You can reference a Transform's parent GameObject by this.gameObject accessor and GameObject's Transform by this.transform in GameObject context.


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