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[babylonjs gui] feature suggestion - different border radius for different corners

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What do you guys think about adding the option for setting a different border-radius (corner radius) for each corner?

Furthermore, I think that it might be better to try and follow as much as possible the CSS specification, for example - instead of calling the 'cornerRadius" property it should have been called "borderRadius", obviously I don't think you can implement all the CSS specification, I just think that when we do implement a feature the API should be based upon CSS.


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nine patch images are great but won't do the trick for me, I need some sort of control over the border-radius, sometimes I need it on the left sometimes I need it on the right and sometimes I don't need it at all.

About renaming public properties I don't think you should change the name right now, but if you think that following the CSS spec is a good idea there are a few things you can do:

- rename cornerRadius to borderRadius, and add cornerRadius as an alias for borderRadius.

- mark "cornerRadius" as deprecated for the upcoming releases and when enough time has passed delete it.

- enforce that new features will be based upon CSS spec.

I also think that you should follow "semver" it can be useful when you want to break the API. (and maybe create a deprecation manifest, for example, we promise that the API won't break for at least 3 versions, so if something like this happens you can mark it as deprecated and remove it "safely" after 3 versions)

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