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Developer Wanted for Online Space Shooter

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About the Project
I'm working to recreate on of my personal favorite games that closed it's doors a few months back - Void Hunters. The game won't be a 100% clone (I don't want to COPY!) but very similar.

The general concept:
The player starts out in a multi-player debris field with a very basic ship chassis. In the debris field, there are a many items to help the player build up their ship (think legos) into an epic machine of mass-destruction! 
See Void Hunters in action - Video:

It's also quite similar to Captian Forever -

Money Money Money!
We're not in this for free!!
Not only do I want to make an awesome game, but I'd also really like to see this turn into a profit generating machine. If the game ends up being loved, there are countless ways to monetize.
Just some initial thoughts

  • Pay for skins
  • Pay for unique weapons (not necessarly better, just different)
  • Pay for different scenarios
  • Monthly access for additional features such as ability to save your ship

About Me
I work full-time as a webdesigner / front-end developer. I'm quite comfortable with JavaScript, but find this is quickly getting over my head. I'd love to have someone with experience building games join me in this venture. Aside from being a web designer, I also have experience in music production, so I'm hoping to develop some awesome sounds and music for the project as well.

Who I'm Looking For
- Someone who can rebuild basically the above mentioned game(s).
- Is able to implement the networking side of the project for multiplayer functionality
- Someone comfortable with databases 

Current Tech Stack
- VueJS for UI
- Phaser3 with MatterJS for Physics
- Possibly Firebase for storing data and handling authentication






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