[Solved] How to make UniversalCamera rotate without mouse down?

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Hi Steven,

Here is one way -- paste this into your createScene function:

        // other stuff ...

    rotationRate = .00002,
    winCntrX = engine.getRenderWidth(true)/2,
    winCntrY = engine.getRenderHeight(true)/2;

    window.addEventListener("resize", function () {// in case user adjusts window
        winCntrX = engine.getRenderWidth(true)/2,  // current screen center X
        winCntrY = engine.getRenderHeight(true)/2; // current screen center Y

        // other stuff ...
           mx  = (scene.pointerX-winCntrX) * rotationRate, // get rotation increments
           my  = -(scene.pointerY-winCntrY) * rotationRate;
        camera.rotation.y += mx; // increment rotation
        camera.rotation.x += -my;
        if (camera.rotation.x > Math.PI/2.2) camera.rotation.x = Math.PI/2.2;  // up limit
        if (camera.rotation.x < -Math.PI/2.2) camera.rotation.x = -Math.PI/2.2;  // down limit

        // other stuff ...


Here's an example:

Have fun!    💥

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