Yatzy Halloween game version!

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Hello everyone! Do you love Yatzie games? Here is the best one for your Halloween, i made it for this Halloween and i hope you like it!!

---- How to play it?

Really simple and familiar with every traditional Yatzie games. You got 13 categories to score point with your dice, just roll and try you luck but don't forget to keep your own strategies!

---- What make it special?

A brand new experiment that brings you the special Halloween's horrow in a joyfull way - through items exclusive for Halloween! You also have a couple of cup and dice for free and so many cute other items!

---- Is it FREE?

Definitely YES!

---- Where to DOWNLOAD it?



---- What if I want to PLAY IT DIRECTLY?

Sureeee! Here you go 



Please feel free and contact me if any issues while playing the game, even there's no problem :) just to discuss or any pep talk, i'm waiting for you guys!!!

Here is my address:

Thank you guys!!!


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