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Let there be light...

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I think I've got myself in a bit of a problem with light....


What I've currently got is this


What I'd like is something like this - 


but it seems the wrong way of doing it - I'd like the blocks to be the same material but for the light to darken on the more distant blocks, but then to lighten if they move closer to the camera.


Should I be using Spotlight?  Am I using it in the wrong way?


Help please!


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I got to this....  Just to add an extra light and a couple of spheres to give the location and direction of the light involved.


Many thanks for this, I'm struggling slightly with the exponent part - I think the distances I need this to apply are quite small - due in part to the massive size of the meshes involved (the cubes are just to illustrate the example).  I think I might have to rebuild my meshes at the size required, but then all my other maths goes out the window...  Hmm...!



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